Management & Leadership Framework

Organisational success and professional development go hand in hand.

The AIM Management and Leadership Framework defines the core competencies and skills required to be a success manager and leader. Measuring against this, an aspiring or established manager can identify key areas for further training and development, either for themselves or for the team they lead. 

AIM offers a number of services that can support your business objectives and which are linked to this Framework including qualifications, membership, events, professional development forums, short courses, our Knowledge Centre and AIM Consulting.The three performance sections of the framework include:

Personal Effectiveness

Individual performance – the ability to manage yourself, apply your knowledge, communicate effectively and build relationships.

Lead and Manage People

People management – the ability to successfully lead and develop the capabilities of others, while simultaneously promoting innovation and managing change.

Manage the Business

Business management – the ability to optimise resources, recognise growth opportunities, develop a vision for the future and successfully plan and implement strategies to achieve growth.